Sipping Spätburgunder: Germany’s Palate-Pleasing Pinot Noir

Riesling may reign as the top German white wine, but the country’s crown jewel of reds is undoubtedly Pinot Noir, where it’s better known as Spätburgunder.  Ranging from light and fruity to textured and round, learn all about Germany’s most famous red variety, and […]

Riesling Rendezvous: Reach for Germany’s Queen of Grapes

If there’s a single wine that embodies the wines of Germany, there’s no doubt it’d be Riesling! The country’s most popular grape variety is just as noble as it is adaptable, with a style ready to accompany any meal and any palate at any […]

Simply Stunning German Silvaner

Silvaner may be relatively unknown in the U.S., but few grapes can match its historical significance in Germany. Like Riesling, the country’s hallmark variety, Silvaner is terroir-expressive and incredibly diverse. Some are made to be subtle and fairly neutral, while others are powerful and […]

German Wine For Every Type Of Valentine

February is the time for everyone to celebrate the cozy, uplifting, and universal feeling of love. Be it in the form of long-lasting friendships that warm your heart, romantic relationships that spark butterflies in your stomach, or empowering self-love, February 14th is an opportunity […]