2020 German Wine Queen Crowned

The new German Wine Queen for 2020/2021 is Eva Lanzerath from the Ahr! Eva is joined by German Wine Princesses Anna-Maria Löffler from the Pfalz and Eva Müller from Rheinhessen.

The German Wine Queen election occurs annually in September, a tradition since 1949. Usually, finalists for the crown compete in front of hundreds of spectators in Germany. As in years past, the 2020 event was broadcasted live on German television and online, but this year only 30 spectators attended in-person, along with the jury of 70 judges, including the managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Monika Reule.

“We will have a really great year and together we will carry our passion for German wines into the world,” said a joyous Eva Lanzerath immediately after her election. Eva is 22 years old and a prospective primary school teacher.

As the 72nd German Wine Queen, Eva will be on the road for a year on behalf of the DWI. She would normally attend around 200 appointments at home and abroad as an ambassador for German wine, subject to travel restrictions and other COVID regulations.

What does it take to be Queen?

Seven candidates demonstrated their wine knowledge in a preliminary round a week earlier. For the final election night on September 24, they further demonstrated their wine sensory, rhetorical, and communication skills in several games, quiz rounds, and a blind tasting. Eva Lanzerath convinced the judges with a rousing speech after impressing them with her natural presence, spirit, and wine competence.

The broadcast of the German Wine Queen election can be seen at https://www.deutscheweine.de/aktuelles/wddw-live/ although it is only available in German.

For more information about the German Wine Ambassadors, visit their homepage: www.deutscheweinkoenigin.de