Beyond the Basics

Dive deeper into the world of German wine – Learn how to pair German wine with your favorite foods, discover the stories behind estates, check out 5 examples of wines to try based on varietal or theme, and hear from wine experts why German wine is worth exploring.

Wine & Food Pairings

German Wine & Dine

Achieve pairing perfection with German wines! Germany is home to some of the world’s most versatile grapes. Renowned for their trademark acidity and delicate fruitiness, German wines can match diverse cuisines. Check out our pairing recommendations, tips, and recipes!

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Winemaker Spotlights

Whose *Wine* Is It Anyway?

Meet the winemakers behind your favorite German wines! In this ongoing series, we profile a German estate and delve into the story and background of the people behind the wines.

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Wine Recommendations

5 to Try

Take our German wine advice and sip for yourself! In this ongoing series, we share five examples of stellar German wines across styles, grapes, and Germany’s 13 wine regions.

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Thoughts From Wine Experts


We’re bringing German wine wisdom from the pros straight to you! Read our interviews with sommeliers and wine experts to learn their background in the wine world and get their German wine pro-tips.

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