Natural Wine Welcomes You, Mosel Riesling


Two turns north of the famed Bernkasteler Doctor vineyard, Germany’s winding Mosel River passes the village of Kröv, where Jan Matthias Klein runs his family’s centuries-old Staffelter Hof winery. Here, he’s been producing the sort of riesling that we expect from the Mosel: vivid, exacting and water-clear, in the manner that his father and grandfather did. But more recently, in the same cellar, he’s embarked on a side project called Pandamonium (named for a short-lived ’80s cartoon featuring three pandas with superpowers). The project currently encompasses an entirely distinct set of natural wines, including an unsulfured, unfiltered, just slightly hazy riesling called Papa Panda’s Rising. This is, at least in part, what the Mosel’s relatively new go at natural wine looks like.

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10 Ways Climate Change Is Threatening The World’s Wine Industry

Tasting Table

2011 to 2020 was the warmest decade on record for planet Earth, according to United Nations. The global wine industry, which is largely the product of the growing environment of each vineyard within unique production regions, is reporting that changes in the climate are impacting traditional methods and expectations. This goes beyond rising temperatures. “Because the Earth is a system, where everything is connected, changes in one area can influence changes in all others,” (via United Nations).


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September 2022 Tasting Report: Perfect Rieslings, The New Classics of Rioja and California Cool

James Suckling

We tasted a whopping 2,802 wines during September from 15 countries, and right at the top of our ratings were some outstanding 2021 German rieslings from the Mosel and Rheingau regions of the country. In fact, five of the rieslings we rated from these two places received scores of 100.

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Heat and Drought Cause ‘Earliest Ever’ Wine Harvest, But Hope Remains


In Portugal’s Douro Valley, the team at the Quinta do Vesuvio winery was stomping picked grapes in ancient stone lagares (troughs) in August. “Never in the history of this great estate, which dates to 1565, have grapes been trodden this early,” says Harry Symington, whose family has been producing premium ports in the Douro for five generations.

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Mosel 2021 is “a vintage that brings a lot of joy”, Prüm winemaker says

The Drinks Business

After a summer when drought, heat and wildfires have brought the subject of climate change to the front of everyone’s minds, tasting the 2021 Mosel vintage seems all the more remarkable: a cool throwback to an bygone era of high acidity and steely, taut wines that may challenge when young, but will reward patient cellaring.

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What’s the Deal With Riesling?

The New York Times

When introducing the subject of dry German rieslings last month, I wondered why so many people say they do not like the wines, whether dry or sweet. After spending the last month drinking them and reading through comments, I confess, not surprisingly, that I’ve come no closer to finding an answer.

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Riesling — A Guide to the Basics

Food & Wine

Perhaps no other grape variety is as closely associated with sweet wines as Riesling. And for a long time, sweet, often sugary Rieslings made up the majority of Rieslings on the American market. But in reality, that was never an accurate representation of all that the grape variety is capable of, because Riesling is produced in styles that run the gamut from very sweet to bone dry, and in countries around the world. Sweet German Riesling may have the most notoriety, but dry Austrian Riesling is every bit as profound. And fantastic Rieslings (both sweet and dry) are made from Oregon and New York to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and more. No matter where it’s grown or how it’s produced, Riesling is capable of greatness. No wonder it’s such a favorite among sommeliers and wine professionals.

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The 13 Best Wines for the Holidays, According to Sommeliers


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there’s little better way to get everyone in good spirits then with, well, spirits! So we tapped four wine experts to spill their picks for the best holiday wines. From a $19 bottle of bubbly to a cellar-worthy $165 cabernet sauvignon blend, there’s a dazzling bottle of wine for every occasion and palate.

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