We Asked Somms: Which Wine Do You Want To See More People Ordering This Year?


Every service professional has that one item they wish guests would be more open to trying. For some, it’s an obscure cut of beef or a special type of stinky cheese. Among sommeliers, whose job is to tempt their guests away from the familiar grapes and regions, many have a pet region or grape that they spend years convincing guests to try.


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Happy New Year From Germany and its Wines!

Queer Forty

When it comes to popping the cork and ringing in the New Year, swap Champagne for Sekt—German sparkling wine—and save some dollars.

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Top 100 Wines of Germany 2022

James Suckling

Our German Wine of the Year for 2022, the Künstler Riesling Rheingau Hölle GG 2021, says so much about the radical transformation German wine has undergone during recent years and about what makes high-end offerings from the country such a great choice today.

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The Most Memorable Wines of 2022

The New York Times

Drinking wine is a fleeting pleasure. You sniff, sip, savor it in your mouth, swallow and move onward. Soon enough, the wine is gone. What sets wine apart are the memories after consumption. Wine’s power to conjure up a moment, an emotion and a sense of time and place is uncanny.

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The Expert Guide To The Best Wines To Pair With Charcuterie


The salty, savory flavors of a good charcuterie board are an easy way to please a crowd this holiday season, but what about the best wine pairings?

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How to Choose Wine for Your Thanksgiving Dinner


First, forget everything you’ve been told about pairing wine with turkey. It’s the Thanksgiving host’s eternal conundrum: The turkey is ordered, the menu’s sorted, and the guest list is all set, but now you need to decide which wines to serve along with the feast.

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How to Find the Best Wines from Germany

Food & Wine

Profoundly complex and expressive of the most exacting intricacies of terroir, the wines of Germany are among the most iconic and revered in the world. Remarkably, they are also among the most undervalued and misunderstood.

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Natural Wine Welcomes You, Mosel Riesling


Crystalline, laser-like, pure, precise—these are the words that have come to define Mosel riesling. Can a place so bound by technical winemaking carve out space for natural wine?

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