Welcome to the world of German wines! Here you’ll find an array of resources that will provide information from detailed statistics to visual educational materials. Follow your curiosity and download any of this information as needed!

Educational Materials

Dive into these materials to learn more about the extensive world of German wines. You’ll find downloadable brochures and documents, courtesy of the Deutsches Weininstitut, that are perfect introductions to German wine culture.

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Wine Statistics

Here you’ll find a selection of current statistics and charts with facts and figures about Germany: vineyard areas, grape varieties, wine production, and much more. If you need data on a subject not covered here, please contact the export marketing department of the Deutsches Weininstitut in Mainz for further assistance.

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Where to Buy

Looking for your next favorite bottle of German wine? Many wine and liquor stores have a German section, and lots of restaurants offer German wines by the glass or bottle. We’ve started compiling a list of national, regional, and local spots you can explore, and there’s always if you’re looking for a specific bottle!

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Glossary of Terms

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Learn the language of German wine to read wine labels for your favorite styles and discuss with the pros.

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