Discover German Wine

Get to know the hallmark grapes and styles, distinct terroir, and food-pairing affinity of German wine.

Wine Types

Red Varietals

For a nation known for white wine, about 34% of Germany’s vineyard area is actually dedicated to red varieties! Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) headlines Germany’s red wines with it being the third most widely planted varietal in the country, while other important red varietals include Dornfelder, Portugieser, and Trollinger.

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White Varietals

From world-class Riesling to white Pinots and uniquely German grapes, white wines from Germany are known to be fruit-forward with balanced acidity. German white wine can be found in a variety of styles and price points.

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Sparkling Wine (Sekt)

Let’s talk about Sekt!

Germany’s wine regions are especially suited for the production of fresh, fruity sparkling wine, and Germany’s citizens are the world champions of sparkling wine consumption.

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Wine Regions

Discover Germany’s 13 Radiant Wine Regions

The wines of Germany are shaped by the special climactic and soil conditions of some of the world’s northernmost wine growing regions, which help distinguish Germany’s wines among the world’s best. Take a virtual tour of each unique area.

Region Map

Wine Pairings

German Wine & Dine

Achieve pairing perfection with German wines! Germany is home to some of the world’s most versatile grapes. Renowned for their trademark acidity and delicate fruitiness, German wines can match diverse cuisines. Check out our pairing recommendations, tips, and recipes!

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Winemaker Spotlights

Whose *Wine* Is It Anyway?

Meet the winemakers behind your favorite German wines! In this monthly series, we profile a German estate and delve into the story and background of the people behind the wines.


Wine Recommendations

5 to Try

Ready to dive deeper into the world of German wine? Once a month, we share five examples of stellar German wines across styles, grapes, and Germany’s 13 wine regions.