Discover 8 German Wines Beyond Riesling with SevenFifty Daily and Wines of Germany Ambassadors

While Germany is well known for its Rieslings, the country produces a diverse range of high-quality wines, from elegant Pinot Noirs to delicious Silvaners and sensational sparkling wines.

Riesling is just one of many grapes from which the country makes delicious wines. Across 13 different winegrowing regions—and more than 140 different grape varieties—Germany is producing a wide range of high-quality, noteworthy wines, whether white, red, rosé, or sparkling.

Wines of Germany Ambassadors Amy Waller, Brent Kroll, Collin Wagner, and Marie Cheslik teamed up with SevenFifty Daily to help you get to know Germany’s many wines beyond Riesling. Check out the video below and discover more educational content from SevenFifty Daily here.

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