Cookies & Corks: German Wine with Girl Scout Cookies

Looking for creative pairings to sweeten a weeknight? Order a case of German wine, grab your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, and get pairing! Try our suggestions with your roommates or significant other, or host a virtual happy hour to connect with friends and family. Whether you’re a former Girl Scout, a current troop leader, or simply a fan of the treats, Girl Scout Cookies and German wine are the perfect way to enjoy these iconic treats. And the icing on the cookie: They support an organization that promotes confidence, independence, and leadership for young girls. #GirlPower is a cause we can proudly raise a glass of German wine to!


So pour some German Sekt as you munch on Thin Mints, or indulge in Riesling Kabinett with Tagalongs. Whatever your favorite cookie flavor, we have the tastiest guide to German Wine & Girl Scout Cookie Pairings. Here’s to being a smart and a tough cookie!


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