Create New Holiday Traditions with German Wine and Festive Food Pairings

This year’s holiday season is sure to look different, and spending cherished time with loved ones is more important than ever. Whether you’re hosting a socially distanced meal with family or participating in a virtual happy hour with friends, Wines of Germany encourages you to grab a bottle of German wine and create new holiday traditions with these festive food pairings.

Unforgettable Feast: Pinot Noir with Turkey and Cranberry Sauce

If there’s one thing we can count on this year, it’s our craving for a deliciously comforting Christmas dinner. The light body and mild acidity of German Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) pairs perfectly with the flavors of both white and dark turkey meat. Plus, Spätburgunder’s pronounced red fruit flavors are sure to complement classic cranberry sauce and tart desserts such as Cherry Pie. No matter your menu, stock up on a few bottles of German Pinot Noir to enjoy with each course. 

Tradition with a Twist: Dry Riesling with Hanukkah Latkes

During these uncertain times, even the simplest holiday traditions bring comfort, hope and positivity. The classic flavors of fried potato pancakes topped with traditional sour cream and apple sauce do just that. The refreshing acidity in Riesling Trocken will balance out the latkes’ rich flavors, making you want to go back for seconds. If you want to enjoy this dynamic duo all eight nights, we certainly won’t stop you. 

Classic Comfort: Sweet Riesling with Gingerbread Cookies 

What could be more satisfying than a classic gingerbread cookie? To make all your winter dessert dreams come true, save some of Santa’s cookies for yourself and pair them with a Riesling that has “Auslese” on the label. These late harvest Rieslings have honey and apricot notes that complement the unique holiday spices of beloved gingerbread cookies. 

Sparkling Soiree: Sekt with New Year’s Eve Appetizers   

This year has been anything but predictable, so let’s pour an unexpected sparkling wine to match! Reach for a bottle of refreshingly bubbly German Sekt to please any social bubble. It brightens rich and hearty finger foods, such as smoked salmon crostinis, and elevates even the most casual fried snacks like potato chips and French fries.  

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