Get Sekty with German Sparkling Wine This Valentine’s Day

Rosé is made from red grapes,
Riesling is a white.
Drink German sparkling wine,
And stay Sekty all Valentine’s night.  

Germany is the world’s third largest producer of sparkling wine, known as Sekt in its home country, and bubbly’s biggest fan with nearly one fifth of all sparkling wine produced worldwide being consumed in the country! With so much love for sparkling wine, they must really know how to prost to passion. 

From Riesling to Spätburgunder, Brut Nature (dry with no added sweetness) to Halbtrocken (off-dry), this sparkling wine comes in so many different grape varieties and styles – so you’ll be sure to find a soulmate in Sekt. Here are a few ways to celebrate with German sparkling wine this Valentine’s Day:

Win Dinner with Riesling Sekt

Bring Riesling Sekt to a romantic dinner, and impress your partner with this wine’s versatility: the food-friendliness of Riesling and sparkling’s ability to pair with anything make this style a mealtime secret weapon. 

Practice Self-Love with Pinot Gris Sekt

Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, take time to show yourself gratitude with a glass of Pinot Gris Sekt. Rounded in body with orchard fruit notes, this wine is the perfect accompaniment as you watch a movie, relax in the bath, or read a book. 

Get Festive for Galentine’s Day with Rosé Sekt

Who needs roses when you can have rosé? Show your friends how much they truly mean to you by toasting your friendship with a glass of elegant Rosé Sekt made from Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) grapes.

Find more information on Sekt here!