Lean Into What Comforts You With Comfort Food & German Wine

We’ve finally reached 2021! As we welcome this year with newfound optimism, much of our daily routines will look the same in the coming months. It can be challenging to find motivation while staying at home, so grab a bottle of German wine, cook some comfort food and reach out to your social circle to stay connected. 

 Sekt with Loaded Potato Skins

Reminiscent of family potlucks and tailgates, loaded crispy potato skins are the definition of a comfort-food classic. While gatherings are on hold, serve loaded potato skins paired with German Sekt at your next virtual tailgate. You’ll find that the Sekt stands up to bacon fat, crunchy potatoes, and crisp scallions. Sekt’s effervescence balances out the spicy potato skins, while also having enough acidity to stand up to sour cream.

Pinot Noir with Creamy Tomato Soup

If you’re searching for a soup that screams comfort, turn to a creamy tomato basil to fill you with that nostalgia you’ve been craving. This humble soup packs a flavorful punch, with its aromatic vegetables and decadent creaminess. The acidity of the tomato shines when partnered with a bright Spätburgunder, Germany’s name for Pinot Noir.  Whether enjoyed on a rainy spring afternoon or a lazy evening, lean into the coziness with a glass – and a bowl – of flavorful reds.

Off-Dry Riesling with Chicken & Waffles

Nothing hits the spot quite like the brunch staple fried chicken and waffles, especially when paired with Germany’s most well-known variety, Riesling. An off-dry Riesling Kabinett or Spätlese with just a touch of sweetness alongside the grape’s trademark high acidity will elevate the crunchy fried chicken while balancing the sugar and weight from the waffles. Take a break from your breakfast or brunch routine, stream your favorite podcast, and get to cooking and sipping!

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