SevenFifty Daily Supertaster Videos with Wines of Germany Ambassadors

Wines of Germany Ambassadors Marie Cheslik, Amy Waller, Brent Kroll and Collin Wagner put their sommelier skills to the test in SevenFifty Daily’s Supertaster series—all with a German twist.

Guess alongside these wine professionals as they blind-taste classic German wines and try to determine the variety, vintage and region. Spoiler alert: they’re all delicious!


Marie Cheslik

First up: Marie Cheslik of Slik Wines describes her approach to blind tasting and discusses what makes Germany a unique wine region! Read more about her experience with German wine at SevenFifty Daily.


Brent Kroll

Washington D.C.-based sommelier and restauranteur Brent Kroll tries his hand at a tricky blind tasting. Read more about his love of German wines and and the diversity of varieties at SevenFifty Daily.


Amy Waller

Video coming soon


Collin Wagner

Video coming soon


Check back in the coming weeks for other Supertaster videos from our Wines of Germany ambassadors, and see if they can guess the correct wine!

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