Top German Sekt Wines Shine at ProWein

To mark the start of the international ProWein wine trade fair, the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced the winners of its competition to find the best German Sekt on March 17th. The three victors were chosen from 200 submitted samples hailing from all 13 winegrowing regions in Germany.

First place was awarded to the 2010 Sekthaus Raumland X. Triumvirat Grande Cuvée brut from Rheinhessen, second place went to the 2014 Griesel & Compagnie Sekthaus Streit of Bensheim Grande Cuvée dosage zero from Hessische Bergstrasse, and third place was won by the 2015 Weingut Braunewell Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay brut nature from Rheinhessen.

The eleven jurors hailed from ten different countries and praised the energy and innovation that they tasted from all of the representatives of the German sekt scene. They noted that the 20 finalists epitomize sparkling wine of the finest caliber and are each absolutely capable of competing on the international stage. “What separated the winners from the others was ultimately the fine details,” the jury concluded.

The winners were presented with an engraved saber at ProWein by DWI Managing Director Monika Reule, perfect for “sabering” off the neck of a sealed bottle of sparkling wine. Among those on hand to congratulate the winners were German Wine Queen Carolin Klöckner and TV personality Nic Shanker.