3 Reasons to Celebrate Riesling Birthday – March 13th

It’s time to toast to Riesling! In 2019, Wines of Germany designated March 13 as Riesling’s official birthday. That year, the date marked 584 years since the first documented evidence of the Riesling grape.

While Riesling has been grown in Germany for centuries, the earliest known appearance of the name in writing is in a March 13, 1435 cellar log of Count Katzenelnbogen, found near Germany’s Rheingau region. Across the globe, fans pour all styles of Riesling wines in celebration of The King of White Wine Grapes. Here are three reasons why German Riesling has earned international acclaim:


Diversity of Styles

One of the most versatile and terroir-expressive grapes, Riesling can express a range of styles, from bone dry to off-dry to lusciously sweet. Not only is Riesling used for still wine production, but also for German Sekt – the delicious bubbly that we all know and love! The inherent acidity and minerality of Riesling grapes yield sparkling wines with bubbly balance, and there is a Riesling to delight every palate and fit any preference.

Unparalleled Food-Pairing Affinity

Light to medium-bodied with electric acidity and aromas reminiscent of apple, peach, and apricot, Riesling wines complement a number of different dishes. Riesling wines transcend international borders, pairing well with cuisines from all over the globe. Riesling and sushi? Yes. Riesling and curry? Certainly. Riesling Sekt and Fried Chicken? Of course! Riesling and Ramen? A must-try when a cold front is in town.

Impressive Aging Potential

Riesling’s naturally low pH and consequent high acidity enable it to be a great candidate for aging. When Riesling grapes are picked after a longer ripening period, their higher sugar content and minerality award even greater aging potential to sweet Riesling wines, often labeled with terms Auslese or Spätlese. It’s no surprise that the town hall of Bremen, Germany stores Riesling wines dating back to the 1653 vintage!


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