Riesling Birthday Dinner: Shrimp Pad Thai Paired With Riesling

In honor of 585 years since the first documented evidence of the Riesling grape – found in Germany dated March 13, 1435 – a delicious dinner paired with German Riesling is in order.


To make the most of this opportunity to toast to Riesling and savor its unparalleled food-pairing affinity, enjoy your favorite bottle of German Riesling along with Shrimp Pad Thai. The electric acidity and citrus flavors of a classic German Riesling will bring out the lime in the dish and refresh the palate for the next bite, while the touch of peach and apricot in the wine complements the light spiciness of the Thai dish.


You can find the Shrimp Pad Thai recipe below. As for the German Riesling to accompany it, we recommend a light to medium-bodied dry or off-dry Riesling (look for “Trocken” or “Kabinett” on the label) for a refreshing balance to the meal.


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