Discover Your (S)knack for German Wine Pairings!

Munching on finger foods and snacks more than usual? You’re not alone!


Finger foods and snacks typically make for fewer dishes to clean, last longer in the fridge or pantry, and require little to no prep. And let’s be honest, cooking a whole meal three times a day can be daunting.


Our solution is to lean into our snack cravings and use snacking as a creative outlet to experiment with bold food & wine pairings!


Feel inspired (and hungry) by our favorite combinations of finger foods and German wines? Try out your own snack pairings!


Off-Dry Riesling with Chips & Salsa

If your go-to snack is the crunchy duo of tortilla chips & spicy salsa, enjoy it alongside an off-dry Riesling. The Kabinett style offers just enough residual sugar to balance out the heat from the spices, jalapeño, and hot sauce in the salsa, while its pronounced acidity and characteristic fruit flavors enhance the snack’s citrus characteristics. Share with your family, partners, or friends during conference calls and show them you have a (s)knack for food & wine pairings!


Spätburgunder with Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza is the most practical food, serving as either a snack or a full-on dinner. Whatever time of day you decide to enjoy this cheesy delight, enjoy it alongside a German Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder). Due to Germany’s cooler climate, Spätburgunder is delightfully lighter and lower in tannin than Pinots from other regions. When pouring a glass to accompany your frozen pizza, German Pinot’s higher acid cuts through the fat in the cheese, while it’s red fruit notes complement the zest from the tomatoes.


Sekt with Popcorn

Do you miss munching on movie-theater popcorn? If so, experiment with savory or sweet homemade popcorn! Explore beyond the buttery flavor and upgrade to rosemary or kettle corn. What goes with popcorn? A wine that pops – like German bubbly! Riesling Sekt’s pronounced acidity and minerality is perfect for rosemary popcorn, while the fruitier notes of Rosé Sekt go well with kettle corn. We wish you a *popping* movie night in!


If you’re craving more food & wine combinations, find your perfect German wine pairing here!