Buzzing Bubbly: “Let’s Talk About Sekt!” Tasting And Brunch

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Wines of Germany USA held a “Let’s Talk About Sekt!” tasting at the illustrious garden-inspired Terrace Restaurant of The EDITION Hotel Times Square. As interest in under-explored wine regions, styles, and varietals rises, German Sekt is gaining the hearts and taste buds of wine industry experts and casual wine drinkers alike.

Following a welcome reception featuring two Riesling Sekts, host Amy Racine, Wine Director of John Fraser Restaurants, guided attendees through an enlightening comparative tasting followed by a perfectly paired brunch. During the tasting, guests sipped on eight different Sekts from five winemaking regions. Grape varieties included Riesling, Pinot Noir, Elbling, and blends, serving as testament to the wide range of flavorful and refreshing Sekt offerings. The brunch showcased the pairing versatility of Sekt with two additional pours. From avocado toast, to fried chicken, to mango sorbet, Sekt enhances any dish!

Germany is the third largest sparkling wine-producing country in the world, with over 1,500 Sekt producers spanning all 13 of the country’s winemaking regions. The geographical spread of production, diversity of high-acidity base wines, and various winemaking techniques guarantee there is a fruity and decadent bubbly for every taste. With bubbly being all the buzz, it’s high time to explore the varieties of German Sekt. We suggest seeking out a special bottle of German bubbly for your New Year’s Eve celebration!

Explore select photos from the exclusive event below: