Prost To Summer with German Wine for Every Occasion

Did you know that Prost is the German word for cheers? 

In celebration of Wines of Germany’s new Prost Every Moment-themed integrated marketing campaign seeks to celebrate all of life’s moments with some added German flare.

Whether throwing a surprise party, planning a casual picnic to reconnect with friends or simply celebrating the end of a hectic work week, there’s a German wine for every occasion. Take a look at some of our favorite celebratory pairings for inspiration this season: 

Grauburgunder with Fireworks

From watching fireworks at night to simply enjoying an evening in the backyard with friends, we’ll be reaching for classic cookout cuisine: sausages! This summertime essential is best enjoyed with a glass of refreshing Grauburgunder. Pairing wine with sausage is simple; it’s the toppings that can be a challenge! Grauburgunder’s (or Pinot Gris) bright acidity and hearty structure can stand up to and balance just about every topping on the menu – from spicy mustard to tart sauerkraut to classic ketchup. 

Off-Dry Riesling with Casual Fridays 

Whether you’re celebrating a big promotion or the fact that you’ve simply made it through another work week, cooking on a Friday night is usually the last thing on your mind. Establish a new tradition with Frozen Food Friday and indulge in a crisp German Riesling to pair with your favorite easy-to-make appetizers and meals. Riesling’s racy acidity pairs perfectly with a ham and pineapple pizza, complements the spice of a jalapeno popper, and balances the sweet and spicy flavors of your favorite frozen chicken and fried rice. Some might argue Champagne and French fries are the ultimate high low pairing, but we’re inclined to say it’s Riesling and frozen foods.

Pinot Noir with Picnic Dinners 

Indulge in those longer summer days with a picnic and charcuterie board. Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) is the perfect full-bodied complement to a savory meat and cheese board stowed in your picnic basket. Spätburgunder’s low tannins and nice acidity makes it super pairable with rich and salty prosciutto, tangy blue cheese, dried apricots and toasted almonds. Both a casual meal and an elegant appetizer, the two together are sure to make any moment worth celebrating.  

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